An invitation suite designed by a Wake Forest wedding planner

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An exclusive interview with a leading Wake Forest wedding planner

As a wedding photographer based in the Raleigh area, I understand the importance of hiring a quality wedding planner or wedding coordinator. While trying to plan a wedding, it can be difficult to know who to trust and where to start. One of the very best Wake Forest wedding planners is Bre Thompson from Magical Moment Events by Bre. Dive into her journey, expertise, and passion for crafting unforgettable weddings in this exclusive interview. Discover how her background in hospitality and extensive experience in the wedding industry can elevate your wedding planning process across the Raleigh area.

A wake forest wedding planner and a newly wed couple during their wedding day by JoLynn Photography

Q: What inspired you to open a wedding and event planning business?

A: Well, I am passionate about working with people, and especially with people who I can serve and support. A couple’s wedding is quite likely the most emotionally significant day that they will have experienced so far, and we are responsible for bringing that vision to life (and ensuring they enjoy the process). This is a huge responsibility, and keeping that in mind helps me stay focused on my “why” and propels me forward. When a couple welcomes me into their engagement season and wedding day, it is an unbelievable honor. The journey to doing what I love every day has been one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of my professional life so far.

An invitation suite designed by a Wake Forest wedding planner

Q: What is your background and experience as a Wake Forest wedding planner that can aid couples in their wedding planning process?

A: Almost 5 years ago, I started out in the hospitality industry. I was catering and bartending, and slowly worked my way to where I am now. I took my time to learn many aspects of the wedding industry, while working a lot behind the scenes. Having had my hands in so many areas of the wedding field, truly helps assist my couples in all the ways you could imagine.

A bride and groom in a downtown Wake Forest garden enjoying their wedding day planned by their Wake Forest wedding planner

Q: What part of event hosting and planning excites you the most?

A: Becoming close with my couples! Truly forming amazing relationships with everyone is one of the most exciting parts of this journey. The relationships last, and I never forget any of my couples who have decided to trust me with their special day.

A beautiful warm tablescape at an Apex wedding venue designed by a wedding planner

Q: What is the difference between day of/month of coordination vs partial planning and full planning? What amenities does each bring for couples looking to plan their wedding?

A: With month of/day of, I am coming in to assist couples who have already done the nitty gritty, and have secured all their needs for their wedding day. I am there to work the logistics of their day, and make it as stress free as possible (that comes with all my services 😉 ). When couples go with partial or full planning, I am their shoulder to lean on. I am supporting them in many different aspects, especially making big decisions. From design, vendor consultations, budgets reviews and more, my couples can count on me to make their planning journey successful.

A bride and groom holding hands at the altar during their wedding day at a downtown Wake Forest venue by JoLynn Photography

Q: Weddings cover a wide range of memorable and special moments for couples and their families. What part of a wedding day do you personally hold dear, and find memorable?

A: The moment I hold dear to my heart is when my couples have a private last dance! I highly recommend this to all my couples that book with me (some do not even think of this!) It is one of my favorite moments to watch. Private last dances are so intimate and so beautiful. It seals the night and everything that happened and ends with just the lovely couple. There is nothing like sharing one last dance on the best day of your life before you leave to start the rest of your life together!

Three brides enjoying their wedding planning services from a Wake Forest wedding planner

Q: What is the best way for couples to contact you for their wedding planning needs?

A: Email: or phone: 919-904-1384. Further information regarding services and additional information can be found on my website.

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