A loving couple celebrating their Wilmington engagement photography session at sunset with JoLynn Photography

Wilmington Engagement Photography

Learn about the top 9 Wilmington engagement photography locations for outdoor images

Wilmington, North Carolina, with its picturesque coastal beauty, historic charm, and vibrant atmosphere, offers the perfect backdrop for capturing the start of a new branch of your newly forming family. As a wedding photographer in North Carolina specializing in timeless outdoor portraits, Wilmington offers a wide array of amazing engagement locations. Explore the top Wilmington engagement photography locations for stunning outdoor engagement images near the coast.

A loving couple celebrating their recent engagement at Airlie Gardens for their Wilmington engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
A loving couple celebrating their Wilmington engagement photography session at sunset with JoLynn Photography
  • Airlie Gardens

Nestled amidst 67 acres of lush, meticulously manicured gardens and pristine lakes, Airlie Gardens is a paradise for nature-loving couples. The vibrant flora and fauna make this location a dream for engagement photography. The grand oaks, abundant azaleas, and charming bridges offer numerous possibilities for captivating shots. Whether it’s a romantic stroll by the lakeside, a serene moment beneath the oak canopies, or a whimsical shot in the butterfly garden, Airlie Gardens never disappoints is one of the top locations for Wilmington engagement photography for couples wanting garden glow with a coastal vibe. All Airlie Garden’s portrait photography sessions require a reservation and fee in advance, and therefore early planning in advance is recommended for an engagement session.

  • Downtown Wilmington

Downtown Wilmington is a treasure trove of historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant riverfront scenes. The historic buildings and alleyways provide an exquisite backdrop for engagement portraits. Couples can stroll along the Riverwalk, showcasing the Cape Fear River, or choose to capture the essence of a bygone era by posing in front of the colorful, historic homes in the district. The juxtaposition of old-world charm and urban vibes offers a versatile canvas for timeless outdoor portraits.

  • Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is an idyllic location for couples who crave the beauty of coastal vistas. The crystal-clear waters, soft sandy shores, and iconic Johnnie Mercers Pier make spectacular beachside engagement portraits. The serene sunrises and breathtaking sunsets provide an ethereal backdrop for capturing love in its purest form. Additionally, the beach’s various parks and walking trails offer versatile settings, giving couples the opportunity to create a diverse portfolio of Wilmington engagement photography locations.

A happy couple walking Wrightsville  beach barefoot at sunset for the Wilmington engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
A couple playing piggy back riding on Wrightsville beach for their Wilmington engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
  • Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

Located at the southern tip of Pleasure Island, Fort Fisher State Recreation Area offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and historical intrigue. The vast, windswept beaches and dramatic dunes make for a captivating backdrop. Couples can choose to pose amidst the rolling dunes, embrace the natural beauty of the maritime forest, or capture the dynamic essence of waves crashing along the shoreline. One of my personal favorites about Fort Fisher is that it is pet friendly for couples wanting engagement portraits with their fur babies. Another fun fact about Fort Fisher is the ability to take vehicles out on the beach for a unique Wilmington engagement photography experience! It is important to note that the park does close at various times of the year due to the season, and does require a permit for photography sessions. Therefore planning is important to keep in mind when utilizing Fort Fisher for engagement sessions.

  • Oakdale Cemetery

For couples seeking a blend of history, natural beauty, and a unique Wilmington engagement photography location, Oakdale Cemetery is a hidden gem. This picturesque cemetery, established in 1855, is known for its ancient oaks, enchanting statues, and historic mausoleums. The combination of grandeur and serenity makes it an intriguing place for engagement portraits. The timeless allure of this location adds a unique charm to the photos, as you can capture love against the backdrop of Wilmington’s rich history.

  • Greenfield Lake Park

Greenfield Lake Park offers a serene, park-like setting with a large lake at its center, surrounded by centuries-old cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. The park provides a tranquil and intimate environment for engagement portraits, making it ideal for couples who wish to connect with nature. Whether it’s a leisurely paddleboat ride on the lake or a romantic walk under the shade of ancient trees, Greenfield Lake Park provides a picturesque outdoor space for love to flourish.

  • Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park, adjacent to the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial, offers a splendid combination of river views and lush greenery. The park’s picturesque wooden walkways, gazebos, and riverfront vistas make for beautiful engagement photo opportunities. Enjoy the tranquil river views while celebrating this new season in your life. The historical battleship in the background adds a unique twist to the engagement portraits, blending nature with a touch of history.

  • Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site

History buffs and nature lovers alike will appreciate the scenic beauty and historical significance of Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site. The ruins of the colonial town and the Civil War-era fort offer a unique backdrop for Wilmington engagement photography portraits. Couples can pose amidst the old brick walls, picturesque oak trees, and the backdrop of the Cape Fear River, creating photos that blend the allure of history with the timeless beauty of love. While admission is free to the historic site, it is important to note they are only open Tuesday – Saturday between 9am – 5pm.

  • Hugh MacRae Park/Long Leaf Park

Formerly known as Hugh MacRae Park, but now Long Leaf Park, is a lush, urban oasis that offers a variety of settings for engagement portraits. From the vibrant colors of the azalea gardens to the tranquility of the pond and the shade of towering trees, this park provides numerous opportunities for capturing love. Whether you prefer vibrant and colorful shots or serene and romantic scenes, Long Leaf Park offers a diverse range of settings within its 98 acres.

A cute young couple in Wilmington loving on each other at sunset during their Wilmington engagement photography portraits by JoLynn Photography
A loving Asian couple celebrating their engagement at a Wilmington park by JoLynn Photography

Wilmington is a treasure trove of enchanting locations for engagement photography. With its blend of coastal beauty, historic charm, and natural splendor, the city offers an array of settings to capture love at its most pure and timeless. From the blooming gardens of Airlie to the pristine shores of Wrightsville Beach and the historic streets of downtown Wilmington, each location provides a unique canvas for your Wilmington engagement photography needs.

While planning your Wilmington engagement photography session, be sure to check out these Wilmington wedding planning tips:

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