A stunning couple at an elegant estate for their Raleigh engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography

Raleigh Engagement Photography

How to prep for your Raleigh engagement photography session in 8 easy steps

Preparing for your Raleigh engagement photography session is essential in ensuring timeless, memorable, and elegant photos that beautifully capture your new chapter in life. In this article we will explore the process of how to prep for your Raleigh engagement photography session, offering valuable insights and tips to help you prepare that signifies this new chapter in your life. From choosing locations to styling outfits, let’s dive into the 8 simple steps to make your Raleigh engagement photography session exceptional.

A stunning couple at an elegant estate for their Raleigh engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
A happy couple on the Wilmington North Carolina beach at sunset enjoying their Raleigh engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
  1. Communication: At JoLynn Photography, communication is the very first and key to any photography session. Before the session, communicate your vision and expectations to your engagement photographer. Share any specific ideas, themes, or preferences you have in mind with your photographer. By creating open and clear communication with your photographer, you will have the best opportunity to create the Raleigh engagement photography session you desire.
  2. Location: Something I commonly hear is where do we even take our engagement photos?! I understand this area might not be something most couples are familiar with choosing, and that is where your photographer’s expertise comes in handy. When choosing a location for your Raleigh engagement photography session, keep in mind items of importance to you and your partner. Rather it is items related to your first date, a beautiful park you like to visit, a time of year that you both love, or the beaches you love to stroll to incorporate into your engagement session.
  3. What to Wear: Selecting the right outfits is crucial for achieving beautiful engagement photos. Coordinate, but don’t match your partner to create a cohesive look while harmonizing together. Invest in clothing that flatters your body type and reflects your personality. Don’t shy away from incorporating accessories, patterns, or colors that add a touch of personality to your ensemble. Balance your outfit with neutrals and coordinating patterns, layers, and props such as hats or umbrellas on a rainy day. You and your partner should be on the same “level” in terms of style, so if one of you is wearing a cocktail dress, the other should not be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. When in doubt, V-neck blouses always look timeless on ladies and a flattering dress always stands the test of time. For men, proper fitting slacks and a blazer always looks dapper, and a layers are always a man’s best friend. Please don’t forget that fine details will be shown such as close up shots of your hands, and clean nails for both partners and a clean engagement ring should always be considered when getting ready for your session.
  4. Professional Hair and Makeup: Consider hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your Raleigh engagement photography session. Their expertise will ensure that you both look and feel your best on camera. Professional grooming will boost your confidence and create the polished, camera-ready look that you deserve for this special new session of your life.
  5. Authenticity: The key to beautiful engagement photos is to be yourself, and enjoy the experience. Allow your photographer to guide you through the process to bring out your true connection together. Again, it comes back to the very first step of communication. I understand that being in front of a camera can seem strange, and you might secretly worry “what if my photos don’t look good or like me?” Your Raleigh engagement photography session should be based on who you are as couple while your photographer brings those pieces to life during your session. The more comfortable you are, the more your personalities will be reflected in your photographs.
  6. Timing: For maximum glow in your photos, soft and warm light creates the most romantic and flattering atmosphere for stunning Raleigh engagement photography sessions. When considering when to take your engagement portraits, optimal timing based on your chosen location and time of year is key. For maximum glow, portraits should be taken within two to three hours after sunrise, or two to three hours before sunset. Avoid mid-day harsh lighting scenarios or areas that do not provide even shaded areas. You also might want to schedule a backup date in advance in case the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of the shoot.
  7. Poses: Feel free to research poses you like for your Raleigh engagement photography session, and discuss them with your photographer. However, you should not have to feel as if you need to know how to pose. Your photographer will have you covered on how to pose, and you will quickly learn during your session that no experience is necessary on posing.
  8. Trust the Expertise: You are hiring a professional for a reason. Trust their guidance and direction throughout the session. With a humble opinion, I want to add that we do tend to look to social media, friends, and family for help and guidance, and while they can offer good insights, please trust the experts you are investing in.
A loving couple embracing on a bridge for their Raleigh engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography
A happy couple during sunset at a downtown Raleigh garden during their Raleigh engagement photography session with JoLynn Photography

Preparing for your Raleigh engagement photography session with JoLynn Photography is an exciting journey towards creating everlasting memories. By effectively communicating your vision, selecting meaningful locations, styling your outfits, embracing authenticity, and trusting the expertise of JoLynn Photography, you are on your way to capturing breathtaking images that perfectly showcase your love and commitment. Get ready to embark on this unforgettable experience, new chapter of life, and cherish your engagement photos for a lifetime.

A stunning ring in the glowing sunlight during a Raleigh engagement photography session by JoLynn Photography

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