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Dewberry Farms | U-Pick Tulips

Living in the vicinity of Raleigh, families often seek refreshing and engaging spots to spend quality time together. With a myriad of outdoor destinations dotting the landscape, it’s always exciting to discover a new gem that promises wholesome experiences for all ages. Enter Dewberry Farms – a charming haven nestled in the heart of nature that beckons families to explore, unwind, pick your own flowers, and host special events. In spring of this year, we had the opportunity to be a part of a special flower event as Dewberry Farms annual U-Pick events kicked off.

Dewberry Farms

Discover Dewberry Farms: A Natural Oasis

For families seeking a delightful escape close to home, Dewberry Farms offers a haven of natural wonder and rustic charm. Situated just a two hours outside of away from Raleigh, the family farm sits on 20 acres of the original 100-acre estate, purchased by Ash Johnson back in 1925.  The farm was originally used for tobacco and sugarcane, with the sugarcane being used to create molasses for the local community.  The current farm house was built in 1989 and the barn that sits below was built entirely from trees found and milled on the property. Today, the farm is used for several events including weddings, wedding receptions, local elopement locations, and family events.

Dewberry Farms

A Glimpse into Dewberry’s Allure

Imagine endless meadows painted with wildflowers, shaded woodlands inviting you to wander, and quaint farm structures, and family horses that exude a timeless appeal. Dewberry Farms captures the essence of bucolic beauty, a place where families can reconnect with nature, and offers wonderful outdoor activities for families around the Raleigh area.

Dewberry Farms

Dewberry Farms isn’t just a place – it’s an experience. Whether it’s the aged barns, the scent of wildflowers, a local elopement, or a mother’s day brunch, the farm’s rustic elements transport families where shared experiences are cherished above all else.

Dewberry Farms

When planning your next wedding, elopement, or family event, reach out today to schedule your spring images!

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