Couple enjoys intimate elopement on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Say “I Do” on the Blue Ridge Parkway

An elopement is a type of wedding that prioritizes intimacy and privacy over traditional concepts and circumstances of a larger ceremony. Couples who choose to elope often seek out scenic locations that offer breathtaking views, natural beauty, and an emphasis in experiences over things. The Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic road that runs through the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, is a popular destination for couples looking to tie the knot in a stunning setting in a relaxed atmosphere. Discover the perfect place for your elopement on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

Benefits of a Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

One of the primary benefits of a Blue Ridge Parkway elopement is the unparalleled scenery. The Parkway offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, forests, valleys, waterfalls, and open fields, making it an ideal location for couples who love nature. Additionally, eloping on the Parkway offers privacy and intimacy that can be difficult to achieve with a larger ceremony or traditional venue. Couples can exchange vows in a secluded location, free from the distractions of a large crowd, while maximizing on natural beauty to enhance your wedding.

Another advantage of eloping on the Parkway is the cost-effectiveness. Traditional weddings can be incredibly expensive, with the average cost of a wedding in the United States hovering around $30,000. By contrast, eloping on the Parkway can be done for a fraction of that cost, leaving couples with more money to utilize on experiences and life events post wedding.

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement
Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Planning a Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Before embarking on a Blue Ridge Parkway elopement, there are several logistical considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, discuss with your partner a 1,000 foot view of your top 5 must haves related to your wedding. Are you looking for a wedding that is a little different? A wedding that encompasses traditional pieces? Or a combination of both? The beauty of eloping is that you can choose your wedding in the way that you deem fit. You can even spread your elopement out over several days VS only one with a traditional venue.

Once you and your partner come together on the direction, research vendors that fit your vision. If you are not sure where to even begin on vendors, we can certainly help. Many elopements do not require an overabundance of vendors, however some vendors will be needed. One of the largest expenses in traditional weddings is the venue. One of the biggest benefits of eloping, is the scenery that is free to you. There are endless locations across the Blue Ridge Parkway that offer free to nearly free outdoor venues that capitalize on the natural scenery. Without having to spend extra on decor.

One of the most important vendors that elopement couples should invest in is their photographer. Photographers offer a wide range of services, including helping plan your wedding, location guidance and recommendations, and even can act as your officiant and/or witness. Your photographer should also be comfortable in an elopement setting to provide the best experience for you and your partner, as many elopements encompass circumstances that differ from traditional weddings. Not all photographers can help you pack a wedding dress in a backpack to carry on your hike to a sweeping overlooks.

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement
Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement
Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Couples must also ensure that they comply with all legal requirements for getting married in their state. As the Blue Ridge Parkway spans several states across the South East, each state has different laws and regulations. If you need help and guidance, we will be glad to assist.

When it comes to choosing a venue, the Parkway offers many scenic locations for couples to exchange vows. However, it’s important to keep in mind that certain areas may be closed or inaccessible during certain times of the year due to weather conditions. Additionally, couples should consider factors such as parking availability, cell phone service, and safety precautions when selecting a location. National parks and tourist attractions can also affect times to visit or avoid, logistical concerns, area seasonal trends, and overall experience. Permitting concerns also come into play when getting married in National Parks. We can certainly help with guidance and any permit requirements, as we carry annual permits at several National Park locations.

Other planning considerations include arranging accommodations for the wedding night, caterers for larger groups or local cuisine for small picnic options for an intimate feel. Local florists can be utilized for a simple wedding bouquet, or create more in depth flower arrangements if desired.

Another important item to plan is your wedding attire. Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have a long train or veil. The wind can beautifully accentuate flow-y aspects of your wedding gown to create spectacular images! Brides who elope should also be aware their dress will likely get a little dirty throughout the day, and adds to the fun of the experience.

However, wedding attire that should be considered is footwear. Rocky areas, ledges, uneven terrain, and hiking and adventures don’t typically mesh well with high heels or shoes that don’t offer good traction. If you want to incorporate heels into your day, plan on packing them along with and changing footwear before your ceremony.

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Elopement Location

Once you and your partner discuss high level aspects of your wedding, now comes the really fun stuff. The Blue Ridge Parkway spans 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina, offering numerous stunning locations for a wedding ceremony. Couples can choose from an array of scenic overlooks, trails, and waterfalls to exchange their vows. Some of the popular locations for a Blue Ridge Parkway elopement include Ravens Roost Overlook, the Mabry Mill, the Craggy Gardens, and the Linville Falls. We can help with guidance and location recommendations based on you and your fiancé’s desires.

We also encourage couples to incorporate intimate items that share meaning to you, your fiancé, and family. We encourage bringing family heirlooms, guests, music and a first dance, and a reception meal to share together. A wedding cake or other treats can also be arranged to celebrate from local bakeries or breweries.

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement
Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Activities and Attractions

In addition to the ceremony and reception, couples can take advantage of the many activities and attractions available on and near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking trails, picnicking areas, ATVs, kayaking, and waterfalls provide ample opportunities for exploring & provide activities within the natural beauty of the area. Scenic drives along the Parkway offer stunning views of the mountains, and wildlife viewing. Nearby towns and cities offer additional attractions, such as local shops, restaurants, breweries, and wineries.

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Potential Challenges to Consider

While a Blue Ridge Parkway elopement can be a romantic and unforgettable experience, there are potential challenges to keep in mind. Weather conditions can be unpredictable in the mountains, and couples should be prepared for seasonal sudden changes in temperature or rain that can affect elopement location and timing. Additionally, traffic can be congested during peak times at popular locations, especially within National Parks. High traffic locations may not provide the secluded experience desired due to public by standers. Cell phone service may be spotty in certain areas. We will help plan for each of these potential challenges and have a plan B in case it is ever needed.


A Blue Ridge Parkway elopement offers couples a unique and unforgettable wedding experience in a stunning natural setting. With careful planning and attention to detail, couples can create a wedding experience filled with natural beauty, adventure, and intimacy. Whether exchanging vows at a scenic overlook or celebrating with a picnic by a waterfall, a Blue Ridge Parkway elopement is a unique and unforgettable wedding experience to begin your marriage.

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