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Hey There, I'm Coby!


I am so excited you are here! It's nice to meet you! At my core, I'm a wife, dog mom, traveler, photographer, and Crossfit fanatic. And I have had the honor and privilege of being invited to some of the most pivotal moments in people's lives. My couples choose me to document and preserve true, honest memories of their connections. They trust me to truly see these connections and document them with professionalism and artistic ability so that they come away with images that are treasured for the rest of their lives.

I aim to not only create timeless wedding images that will stand the test of time, but also to bring exceptional service and open communication to my couples. Amazing wedding images are built around trust with your wedding photographer, and serves as the foundation to which I believe is essential for stunning images.  As a former bride who was inspired by my own wedding photographer, I created JoLynn for couples to have the same amazing experience at their own wedding.

I Draw inspiration from each and every unique soul that steps in front of my camera

People are unique like snowflakes; each and every person has their own distinctive qualities that make them special. I'm an observer by nature so I've always been fascinated by how we interact and connect with each other.

I approach weddings the same way by observing each human story that unfolds. Authentic love isn't perfectly posed or planned at all times. It's life-affirming, soul-stirring, and raw in the best way possible. I watch and wait for moments to organically happen so that your wedding has its own unique formation and shape that is special as the people they are about!


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The Hearnes Adventure Photography

The Hearnes Adventure Photography


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